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Income Tax on Rental Income from India for a Non-Resident Indian

Income Tax on Rental Income from India for a Non-Resident Indian

Q: I am an NRI living outside India. I have a house property in India. I do not have any other income earning from India. Am I supposed to pay tax and file Income Tax Return in India?

A: Irrespective of the fact, whether you are resident or non-resident, rental income earned from the property in India will be taxed at India only. You need to assess the income and pay the tax on such rental income and file income tax return by the prescribed due date.

Q: This is undue hard compliance, as I am already declaring my global income in my country of residence. This will amount to paying tax both at my country of residence and at India.

A: India has signed up double taxation avoidance agreements with over 85 countries worldwide. You need to find out, whether your country of residence and India have signed a double taxation avoidance agreement. In case is no such treaty, then only it may amount to double taxation. It will further depend upon the law of taxation of your country of residence.

Q: And what if the double taxation avoidance agreement exists?

A: The taxability may well differ based on rules defined in the treaty. Although most of the tax treaties allow the country to tax the rental income on the basis of the location of the property. The other country may extend the benefit of such tax paid either by way of exemption or deduction.

Q: If you can please elaborate more on the meaning of ‘exemption’ and ‘deduction’.

A: Sure, exemption means the country of your residence will not tax the Indian rental income at all. In the deduction method, you need to calculate tax on such rental income as well. However, you will the deduction of tax paid in India while discharging tax liability at your country of residence.

Q: Will there be any tax deduction from the rental amount by the tenant to me while remitting me the rent from India?

A: Yes, the tenant mandatorily needs to deduct tax @ 30% plus applicable surcharge and cess.

Q: Does that mean, if such tax has been deducted by the tenant from my rent, I need not file any tax return at India?

A: No, you must file the Income Tax Return at India in such a case. The non-filing of return will lead to heavy penal consequences.

Q: The tax rate of 30% looks to be on a very higher side. How can I reduce it?

A: The Income Tax Act of India gives various tax deductions to persons earning rental income. These deductions include:

1. standard deduction on rent,

2. deduction on account of interest paid on home loan taken for the property and

3. deduction of municipal taxes paid.

Further, depending on your tax slab, the tax burden may also get a substantial reduction.

Q: If it is so, can I ask the tenant to not to deduct tax @ 30% and reduced the tax deduction accordingly?

A: Yes, you can opt for such a mode. There is a defined process for this. You can approach to your India jurisdictional tax officer and place a lower tax deduction request in the prescribed format. Once the tax officer is satisfied with your claim, he will issue an order specifying the lower tax deduction rate against such rental income. Only through this order, the tenant is allowed to deduct tax at a lower rate.

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