GST Registration

GST Registration

GST Registration is a tax registration required for businesses trading or manufacturing goods in India. GST Registration replaced VAT, Sales Tax, Excise, Service Tax in India and is synonymous with CGST Registration and SGST Registration.

Registration Process

  1. The application is drafted giving your business particulars along with Bank Guarantee / Surety bonds from guarantors / LUT (the requirement may vary case to case)
  2. The application is filed with concerned statutory authority
  3. Registration certificate is issued by concerned authority after scrutinizing the application, 15 digit GST Tax Identification number is allotted.


1. Standard: Standard prices includes drafting and filing your GST application before statutory authorities. Please contact for best prices

2. Premium: Premium prices includes, services under standard pack: Advising on GST input transitions and Filing GST Returns for one financial year (upto Rs 10 lacs p.a. turnover)

Please contact for best prices.