GST Registration

GST Registration is a tax registration required for businesses trading or manufacturing goods in India. GST Registration replaced VAT, Sales Tax, Excise, Service Tax in India and is synonymous with CGST Registration and SGST Registration. Registration Process The application is drafted giving your business particulars along with Bank Guarantee / […]

Severe consequences in case you miss to file any GST return!

Off late government has issued a detailed Standard Operating Procedure for departmental officers to be followed for dealing with assessees who have missed to file any GST return. Though such provisions were already present through Section 62, this wasn’t usually forced by the department against assessees. The summary of detailed […]

Re-activation of cancelled GST registration

Q: My GST registration is cancelled by GST department. What could be the possible reasons? A: The order for cancellation of registration communicated by officer in Form REG-19. Once the GST number is cancelled the status of GST number reflects as Inactive. The order will reflect on your GST portal. […]

Provisional Assessment under GST

Provisional assessment under GST(Section 60 of The CGST Act, 2017) If you are unable to determine your tax liability, the GST law has the option to pay tax on a provisional basis. This article explains the procedure of provisional tax assessment under GST and lists out various online application forms […]

GST Tax Assessment

Assessment under GST The article aims to highlight how tax assessment is carried under GST law. The law has very procedurally defined the steps and actions for assessee and GST officer. Assessment means the determination of tax liability under GST law and includes self-assessment, re-assessment, summary assessment, and best judgment […]