Why mutual funds are better than other Asset classes?

Take help of mutual funds while investing in Gold, Debt and equity to eliminate many drawbacks of investing through other routes.

Investment in gold or mutual fund

Drawbacks of Physical Gold / Gold Bonds

Safety, purity and threat of theft, Buying limits, lock-in, low liquidity

How mutual fund overcome

Buying limit very low, no upper limit, no lock-in, high liquidity

Drawbacks of Bank FDs / Corporate Bonds

Medium to low liquidity, Inefficient taxation, penalty for premature withdrawal

How mutual fund overcome

Different schemes for different horizon and risk ratings, High liquidity, Tax efficient returns if held for 3 years and above

Drawbacks of investing in Direct Equity

Requires time and expertise, relatively riskier

How mutual fund overcome

Professional Management, diversification / robust risk management, high liquidity.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.